“This step by step guide will help you add managed services and secure the future of your business.”
“Derek & Daniel have created an easy to follow guide for getting into Managed Services. If you are serious about making money with managed services, this is the book to help you do it.”

Corey Simpson
Director, CompTIA’s MSP Partners Community
Board of Directors, Illinois Technology Foundation

“Traditional IT service providers know they need to transition their business to managed services.  MSPs enjoy lower costs, new project sales opportunities, less competition,  predictable monthly revenues and an increased exit value for their business.  It is great to see recognized experts like Derek and Daniel willing to share their hard-won experience to help others quickly achieve these essential business goals.”

Peter Sandiford, CEO
Level Platforms

“Anyone can say they are a MSP. The book is essential on helping you become a successful one!” -

Charles “Chip” Bieler, GFIMAX 

“Dan and Derek are experts in the field of IT services and know the importance of evolving to a MSP, because they both did it.”

MSP or Fail is a great tool for those who want to move into managed services. I particularly like the questions in the section called “The Plan is Never Finished.” Derek and Daniel present a great set of questions with descriptions of the questions and why you should ask them. There are also detailed examples of using these questions in the real world.

MSP or Fail has lots of good, practical advice along with details and examples to make it real for the prospective Managed Service Provider. This includes sample forms and reports that you might use in your business.

If you’re considering managed services, do yourself a favor and check out this book.

- Karl W. Palachuk, Author, Speaker, Blogger

“MSP or Fail” is a must-read book for anyone interested in getting into Managed Services.   Dan and Derek offer a “no-holds-barred” overview of what it takes to be an MSP and include some excellent resources for the new and not-so-new MSP alike”


“Dan and Derek are experts in the field of IT services and know the importance of evolving to a MSP, because they both did it.”

Gene Fay
Former President of Nine Technology

“MSP or Fail is an invaluable resource to small business owners looking to make the jump to managed services. Both Dan and Derek have transitioned their own businesses to the MSP model, and this book is a practical guide on how to replicate their success.”

Adam Sell
Director of Content Marketing,
FVF Partners