We recommend discernment here when it comes to invoicing, especially depending on what the issue is determines if we invoice for it or not. Of course you could bill for each and every single little thing that arises due to you having a contract in place, but by the same token you don’t want the customer to think you are nickel-diming them all the time for issues that arise. So you might want to ensure you continually and habitually document the issue no matter if you charged the customer or not, so that you have documentation on what is being done on the contract and can continually show it to the customer or this ‘trending’ is available for the dispatched technician.

If you look at the above diagram you will see “B” and “C” with no price. These items are considered add-ons and do not come with the normal maintenance package. This is where you will have to decide a price for these services. If you want you can easily add “backups” and “virus/malware” to each and every plan. You could even raise your flat price or you can leave it like the example and then charge extra for those services.