From break fix to managed services!

Become a professional managed services provider!

Below are a couple excerpts from the book:

With over a dozen years in the managed services arena responsible for dozens of business contracts and thousands of managed computers Derek and Dan have put together a book utilizing their 20+ years in the industry that will bring your business to the next level.

Derek R. Iannelli-Smith has been in the tech industry for 20+ years, and not only has built businesses from scratch for himself, he has done it for his employers. When asked about his success, he states that he has just broken more things than most people.

Daniel Hand has been actively involved in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years covering military service, government contracting and owning a computer repair business.

In 2009 Dan created the “Association of Computer Repair Business Owners” and it currently has over 3,000 members throughout the world.

Over the years, Dan has devoted whatever time necessary to help other computer repair business owners reach their potential and to grow the industry in whatever way possible.



Dan authored his first book in 2007 titled “Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned” and has become a great read for those starting in the industry and even those already well established.









Dan authored his second book in 2012 titled “Time Is Precious” and has become a great read for those that are interested in time management and how to make your days more productive.